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Today's new level

Today something happened for the first time: I actually thought I will be able to run this damn monster. Misunderstand me correctly (great Swedish saying): I said run it, not complete it. That I was going to complete it was decided the day I signed up for it. I'd walk or even crawl if would have to. Doesn't help that I'm not a big fan of rattle snakes and scorpions...

 Today, however, was the first time I thought I might be able to actually run the whole thing. I've had my doubts (let's be real, I still do), especially because of my knees and hips. It takes time to build your body and mind up for something like this. Precious time that I don't have.

 This weekend I was introduced to something I had never done before: running two long distances, two days in a row. It's something I've both read up on and been told by many experienced friends is a necessary evil. To get used to running on tired legs, because that is what I will be doing.

I ran 15 miles yesterday and another 11.5 today. It was supposed to be another 15 today too but I set a new elevation record today, to simulate the conditions that we will be running in and it took almost 3 hours and I had a wife and 2 children to get home to.

 This run was done in Palos Verdes by the Trump's golf course. It's a hidden gem that Johnny Robles introduced me to. Some may feel I shouldn't let others know about it but if something is beautiful, share it, no?

If you live in LA, it's a sin not to visit places like this! You don't have to run it but walk it/hike it! Places like this is the whole reason we pay insane real estate prices and sit in traffic for 3 hours to get 10 miles!

Check out the scenery in the video above!

Lastly, a shoutout to Christos Giagos, who fought a great fight and showed a ton of heart yesterday at UFC Anaheim. I thought he won round 1 and 3. Also, a shoutout to my good friend Adam Hagsjo, who ran Vasaloppet yesterday, 60 miles (90k)!

As always, please consider donating to our fight and sharing the pledge, which you can find here.

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