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The reality of it.

It's finally starting to sink in a little. The fact that this is going to be really hard. This is the e-mail we got from the National Park Rangers. The whole heat and water thing doesn't seem great. Checking the temperature (subjective to change, obviously) and it looks like it can get as high as 104. That's 40 degrees celsius.

I went to my doctor today for a check up. He said "can you perhaps only do half of it?". Doing half of it would be not doing it, which equals 0. I looked at him and smiled and he said "I don't even know why I suggested that." He knows me. I also really hope Mishel doesn't read this. At the same time, it makes your blood pump a little faster. I'm not under estimating the challenge ahead and I realise how difficult it's going to be. At the same time, it is the same type of mental mind-f*ck that makes you grow. It's also hopefully something that's crazy enough that it helps #50for05 catch some attention. Because in 2020, we are up for a challenge: to make sure that Reggie Jones Sawyer doesn't table our bill, AB1713, "Liam's Law". Please feel free to let him know that you support the bill.

As always, please feel free to share or donate by clicking here. #rememberLiam #50for05

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