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The only IT I understand

 Anyone that knows me, knows that technology isn't my strength. I'm aware of it and I'm ok with it. The only IT I care about right now is my IT band.

It's tight.

It's really, really tight.  From year's of taking leg kicks, my IT bands have become harder than a rock. Especially my left one (my front leg when in a fighting stance). Guess which side is hurting when I run? My left. The IT band is a tendon that serves several functions. It runs from the hip down to the tibia (shin bone). I have exactly two weeks to loosen it up. My IT band and my hip flexor (Psoas Major). Can you tell that I'm concerned about the knee and that I've spent some time thinking about it? Tomorrow I'm doing a last light 8 mile trail run. That's the last trail I'm doing before September 7th. I'm hoping that the trail will feel easier on the hips and knees, even though it's a lot harder work, I'm hoping that the knee and hip issues came from running on asphalt and concrete. One can always hope but realistically, I know that isn't the only issue. I need to treat it and I don't know if two weeks is long enough. I'll tell you on the 8th of September. Just learnt how to use this app Relive. It's a cool 3-D app - click here to check it out. Here's a copy of it

As always, feel free to share and comment. Click here for more information on the run.

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