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Running preparation vs MMA Fight


So, I'm 2 weeks out. Two weeks from today, at 4am, we start. This weekend is my last week of hard work, before I start tapering down. But damn, is it a hard last weekend! 1 hour of sand dunes today and 32 (!!) miles tomorrow, Sunday. That's the furthest I'll go before actual race.

 It's the furthest I will have gone since running the LA marathon in 2004.  It's also the furthest I will have gone my whole life.

 Last weekend was actually the first time I thought "I might be able to to do this". I think tomorrow determine that confidence even more. The main difference? Tomorrow, the focus is just distance and it doesn't include the steep elevation that we will be facing that day, nor does it include the heat.

 The tapering is something that you do in fighting too, in order to give you the maximum amount of recovery from a gruesome camp, in order to come as rested and recovered as possible for game day. In fighting, 2 weeks out, you are banged up and exhausted. You also have one of the worst parts left to do: cutting the weight. I'm glad I won't have to do that again. Yet, I'm planning to try to come in as light as possible (just from eating healthy), in order to try to take off as much stress on joints as possible.

Let's see how these 32 miles play out tomorrow. First up: the sand dunes. This picture doesn't even do them justice!

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