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Chasin’ Change - Why we are running 68.8 miles.

On February 27, 2021, me and some good friends will take on the 68.8 miles “Backbone Trail” in the Santa Monica Mountains. The event is to raise funds for Liam’s Life Foundation as well as awareness for the need to change drunk driving laws and habits in the U.S.

We started the tradition in 2019 when we ran the Grand Canyon, Rim to Rim to Rim, named “50 for 0.05” in our efforts to have the legal BAC lowered to 0.05. This Runraiser idea to run the Backbone trail was born once we realized that 2020 there would be no fundraisers or events. Because travelling would be so unsure in the near future, a friend suggested doing the Backbone Trail since it was a local trail. After having the Ultra Marathon at the Grand Canyon, I figured “how bad could it be?” and said yes before truly looking into what I had committed myself to. The Backbone Trail is no joke. 68.8, more than double the distance of a regular Ultra Marathon, of tough terrain and you’re basically constantly ascending or descending mountains with a total of 37,500 feet elevation change (19,000 feet incline and 18,500 feet decline).

Why, many have asked me. Because I have to. Because it’s a testimony to what I’m willing to do for change. It’s also a message to the opposition and dark lobbyists such Rick Berman and his fraudulent non profit American Beverage Institute that even though our bill, ‘Liam’s Law”, was tabled by the corrupt Public Safety Chair Reggie Jones Sawyer, we are still here. Even though the past year the U.S and the world have been plagued by the Corona pandemic, we are still standing and wanted to start 2021 off with a bang. We might have lost the battle but we have not lost the war; the war on drunk driving.

Liam’s Life Foundation is here to stay.

We will continue to raise awareness and educate others on statistics and the need for policy and social attitude changes when it comes to drunk driving, as well as the need for organ donors (we donated Liam’s organs) which will save lives in the future.

For those not familiar with the reason for Liam’s Life Foundation, on September 3rd, 2016, at 15 months old, my son Liam was struck by a drunk driver in a crosswalk while on a walk with my wife’s sister. After extraneous efforts, Liam was pronounced brain dead on September 4th, 2016. His organs were donated and this led to the creation of Liam’s Life Foundation. Since then, our Foundation has been raising awareness for the cause through lectures, seminars, public speaking and keynote speaking engagements, various martial art events, and runs. The Chasin’ Change event is another event driven by the cause. Not only is the run raising awareness, but also pledges. Click here for more information. All proceeds will go towards the efforts of saving lives by lowering the BAC to 0.05 and through promoting organ donation via Liam’s Life Foundation. Every year over 10,000 lives are lost due to drunk driving. Statistics from other countries show that lowering the BAC can decrease rates by 10-15%. On Saturday February 27th, we will begin running at 3 am and plan to finish by sunset. For opportunities to partake, support, or sponsor please contact: or send me a message on here. Please consider donating and sharing this, in order to be part of making change and saving lives in the future.

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