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Born to run - the Tarahumaras and my book as an audiobook

If you were hoping to get to read about Bruce Springsteen and his famous song/album, you were wrong.

Btw, I guess I owe another $100. It's been a lot of work and on top of teaching, training, running, 2 children, 4 gyms, the non profit, the bill to lower the BAC to 0.05, the personal coaching and some other projects, it's leaves very little time to write. BUT; that's on me. That's my job to get up earlier if need be. Even though I really don't like the thought of having to get up before 5.00 am.

I remember first reading about the Tarahumaras - or Raramuri - in one of my absolute favourite books, "Aztec" many years ago. Before even finishing the book, I had looked them up. Over the years, I've talked about them a lot. Their way of living has been studied by many and a great read on them is "Born To Run", as is the documentary on them Goshen. What's so amazing about them is that they show the Gods their appreciation of their bodies by always running. Their running and their clean diet has laid the foundation for one of the healthiest populations on the planet. The Tarahumaras have been an inspiration of mine for a long time and their fascinating life style. Watch the documentary or read the book and be inspired by them!

Lastly, the book I wrote, "Life Is A Moment", has come out as an audiobook in Swedish (not yet available in English). It's not me doing the reading but I did read the intro (listen to it here). Just those 2 pages were very hard for me. If you don't like reading and you are Swedish, I hope you enjoy it as an audiobook. Perhaps when you are out running?

As always, please feel free to share or ask questions. To support the run, click here.

#rememberLiam # 50for05

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