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Tribal App pre-launch & latest Podcast

It's been a long week, catching up on work after being in Arizona. In addition, I'm very excited to announce that we have finally done a beta launch for an app called Tribal. The Tribal app is a way to connect people from around the world with a coach online. This means you can now train with anyone from around the world in small group classes, in the comfort from your own home! What's really amazing is that it's live, which means it's interactive. Hence, you can ask the coach for feedback and the coach can see you the whole time and thus, correct your form and make sure you are doing techniques correctly! If you're a personal trainer, make sure you go on there to be able to reach people way further than an in person session ever could! Want to try out a session with me? Send me a comment with what time zone you're in and what time you would prefer and what type of class you would want and I'll make it happen!

I'm also excited to have our latest H.U.M.A.N (Humanities United Martial Arts Network) episode out with my good friend Shakira Barrera from the Netflix show Glow.

Click here to check the full episode! Make sure you watch it to the end, when the legendary #BJJ and #MMA star Renato Laranja walks in! As always, feel free to comment or ask any questions below! #Tribal #PersonalTraining #PersonalTrainers #HUMAN #Podcast

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