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Tiny Impressions

I don't often speak publicly about how amazing my wife is. She does so much for me, our kids and our community and she loves so hard and unconditionally but I don't feel I need to tell the whole world - I just tell her. However, she has created something that is so impressive that I wanted to share it. She created it without telling anyone but me. It was such a personal project for her. When you have a child, you create memories every single day. The most amazing of memories. Many of those memories will fade with time but you're constantly creating new memories so you don't consider it much.

When we lost Liam, all we had left was memories. As those memories fade, we are not able to create new ones. Since the day we lost him, both of us wish we had more memories. Sometimes, Luna and Nico will do things that reminds us of Liam and although it always hurts, it's also nice to remember moments with him. Many times when parents with older kids see Nico and Luna, they almost always say, "I remember when they were that young," "They grow up so fast!" Or "I wish mine were that small again, time flies!"

So Mishel created The Tiny Impressions Notebook. A way for moms to preserve memories everyday with their children, which they can later go back and relive. It's also a way make sure you stay present with your children every single day, which can be hard to do when you're stressed out and sleep deprived. Moreover, it will help parents not feel so guilty, wondering if they are good enough parents (yes, every parent wonders that from time to time, not just you!). Here, it gives parents a chance to remember what they did for their child each and every day.

So, if you know someone who is a young parent, is about to become a parent or if you're that parent yourself, buy a Tiny Impressions, I promise you won't regret it. Plus, 20% of all profits go to Liam's Life Foundation, so you're also joining the fight against drunk driving, so that future parents won't have only have memories left of their children.

Visit to get your copy!

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