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The hope for unemployment


So I owe $100 and you thought I was about to owe another $100, didn't you? For you that don't know, I have committed to blogging every day leading up to the race, #50for05, #Rim2Rim2Rim: 50 miles with 22,000 feet elevation (sorry, I thought it was only 15,000 but surprise, surprise!). Yesterday was the 2nd day that I missed and I wasn't going to miss another day.

Yesterday, no running. Part of the program, since I have the worst weekend that's left ahead of me. Instead, I got to teach an Active Shooter seminar at a Synagogue pre-school. During the seminar, I mentioned that I wished I was unemployed. I shouldn't have to teach Active Shooter seminars at pre-schools. 

 I shouldn't have to teach Active Shooter seminars at all.

 It's insanity to think that human beings are capable of doing such horrendous crimes. If there is a God, killing innocent human beings, especially children, must be on the top of the list for what will have you burn in eternal hellfire.

Can you imagine how mentally broken a human being must be, in order to be able to even think of such a heinous crime?

 And it seems to be getting worse.

I just spoke to a good friend today. He came to me and I could tell how desperate he was. He told me he is suffering from severe depression. He apologized for talking to me about it, since he knew I had my own problems but he said he didn't know who else to speak to about it. I'm very honoured that he felt comfortable to trust in me.

 I also want to help him. Yet, I'm not a psychologist. But I have lived through the worst kind of what he's experiencing and I recognize the desperation you feel to find your way out of it. My recommendation? To start doing breathing meditation and start running. I also told him to come into the gym and start training.  I don't think he'll come in.  Maybe.

 I hope so.

 But I hope he starts running and meditating. And I hope we can work towards fighting mental health issues. By we, I mean the government. I mean family members, friends, co-workers.  Physical activity from a young age will help in the fight against mental health problems. And maybe, just maybe, one day I can be unemployed. 

At least when it comes to Active Shooter seminars. 

For breathing meditation, I highly recommend The Breathing Class with Dr. Belisa Vranich.

For running, check out coach YouTube.

As always, please feel free to share this and donate to the 50 mile run by clicking here.

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