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An 8 year journey

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

It was late when I wrote the letter to our members and it is late when I write this. My days tend to start early and end late but that's ok; I love what I do and there's a lot to accomplish. Yesterday, Systems turned 8 years of age. Someone once said "if you survive the first five years, you should be fine." That someone was either drunk or high and certainly hadn't lived through a pandemic. Or one million other ups and downs that every place sees. It's very much like a regular life: You will always have peaks and valleys but the more you survive your downs, the stronger you will get until no matter how deep of a valley you end up in, you will figure out a way to get out. Systems Training Center has had its valleys, that's for sure but we have and continue to have some amazing peaks!

You can read the letter I wrote to our members here and I appreciate everyone who has been part of this journey is some form or shape - thank you all!

Here's a short snippet of our 8 years!

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