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This year's best Christmas present

This year's best Christmas present is Nico Loves Soap.

Yes, I said it: the best Christmas present 2020, bar none (pun intended). You can even ask the CDC and the WHO and they will agree with me, soap and water is the best present of 2020.

I’m not going to lie; it feels a little strange to write a product placement article on my 3 year old’s business. It feels even stranger to write a promo for his Christmas edition of his latest products:

  • Pepparkakegubbe (Gingerbread man)

  • Julgran (Christmas tree)

Pepparkakegubbe and Julgran are now available in his store The soaps make for great Christmas stocking stuffers and not only look amazing but also smell really, really good!

Nico’s Research & Development department (aka Mom) has finally given the green light for production to be started. Head of Customer Satisfaction (aka Luna) just released a cautionary memo: “Don’t try to eat it, it tastes like sh*t.”

Ps. Nico Loves Soap also makes custom designed holiday soaps. Such holidays include, but are not limited to: Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan and Vesak. Nico Loves Soap has also serviced, or should be servicing other special events such as:

  • Weddings

  • Birthdays

  • Quncineras

  • Bar MItzvahs

  • Graduation

  • Valentinen’s Day

  • Sorry I forgot your birthday

Please don’t ask if my 3-year old son will make penis soaps for your bachelorette party.

The craziest request Nico has had so far was COVID soaps but I guess it made sense for Halloween this year.

Ultimately what I’m trying to say is: go visit He (and mom) work really hard to create these soaps and it’s so cute to see how excited he is about them. It also is a great opportunity for him to learn about responsibilities and how to create! All the soaps are made with natural ingredients. I’ll be honest, before this soap project I didn’t know much about soap. I knew that it kept you clean and that some of them smelt good. I do know now that many soaps are made with a ton of chemicals that are not good for us or for the planet. Or as Nico would say, “it’s bad to mother earth!”

So go pick up some soaps for this holiday and remember Nico’s words of advice:“no soaps in eye!”

10% of all proceeds from Nico Loves Soap goes to Nico’s non profit, to fight drunk driving.

Merry Christmas!

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