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Nico ❤️ Soap

My three-year-old son Nico was introduced to soap making by his very sweet nanny Bella. She showed him how to make organic, handcrafted soap that actually smelled amazing. At first, I didn't think too much about it; he does a lot of different activities but he started making soap almost every day. He would talk about his soaps and he started giving them away to friends. Soon, we had close to 100 soaps at home and even though Nico was giving soaps away, they kept stacking up. It started as a joke, that we should have him start selling his soaps. We talked about it for some time and finally decided that if for nothing else, it would be a great way for him to learn about finances and entrepreneurship. The money he will make from it will go towards his college fund and 20% of profits will go to his brother Liam's nonprofit Liam's Life Foundation. Once we decided to actually go through with it, we were trying to come up with a name for it but it soon became very obvious what it had to be, from what Nico kept telling people. "Hi, I Nico! Nico loves soap!" His grammar isn't perfect as you can tell me that's because he is three.

So, with no further ado, please go visit and buy the best smelling, most purposeful purchase you've done this month!

Last advice from Nico: "No soap in eyes, big ow-ow."

He speaks from experience.

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