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Krav Maga, Wellness and Yoga retreat

If you’ve always wanted to go on a wellness retreat but your only experience is watching “Couples Retreat”, then this is absolutely the retreat for you! Regardless if you’re looking to do a solo, couples or group retreat, this will be a great opportunity to experience a retreat which has a little bit of everything: You will have an opportunity to learn martial arts, self defense, yoga, deep sea fishing, archery, zip lining, surfing, and many more options. And all of it taking place in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Nosara in Costa Rica!

The retreat will be hosted by Krav Maga black belts Terry Bullman and Marcus Kowal, founders of Krav Maga Syndicate.

Terry Bullman is a 2nd-degree Krav Maga black belt, professional boxer, kickboxer, MMA fighter and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt. Terry is also the creator of the famous TV show “Human Weapon”.

Marcus Kowal is also a 2nd-degree Krav Maga black belt, boxer, professional kickboxer, MMA fighter and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt. Marcus is also a former Ranger (special forces) with the Swedish military and ultra marathon runner.

This retreat will be hosted at the beautiful Casas Kismet and on top of the top level of martial arts and self defense retreat, you will come back more limber than you have ever been, thanks to the yoga and mobility work included! In addition to the training, you will have the opportunity to experience some amazing adventures and memories for a lifetime!

Nosara excursions and adventures

You’re not required to partake in any of the adventures but here are some of our amazing Costa Rica experiences:

  1. Hiking and trail running in the Nosara Jungle. This is one of the adventures I’m most excited about myself! Imagine hiking and running among 270 different animal species, including iguanas, armadillos and monkeys. Cool down in the beautiful Mala Noche waterfalls before heading back.

  2. Quad tours through the jungle is a unique excursion that can’t be done in many places of the world.

  3. Surfing and swimming at the 3-mile long Playa Guiones. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced surfer, Playa Guiones has something to offer you with its beautiful beach break waves!

  4. Nosara’s canopy zip-lining tour is the largest in the world, with over 11km of zip-lining! Miss Sky Canopy tour offers 21 lines over 500-600 m above the tree tops. Here’s a video showing the incredible view.

To sign up for the unforgettable event, click here!

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