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How to stay in shape amidst Corona virus shutdowns

As the world experiences uncharted waters, our own imagination can often become our worst enemy. Our brains will often take us to the worst case scenario, which looks something along the lines of full on chaos, anarchy and apocalypse.

The most common excuse that I get to hear (and that you probably tell yourself) is that people don't have time. Since there's only so many Netflix movies you can watch, why not take this time (now when you finally have it) to start daily routines that you will thank yourself for, once this blows over?

If you're only looking to get into shape, all you need is your body. There's plenty of body exercises that will get you into shape, regardless of your starting point. The only thing you I would recommend getting would be a pull-up bar (click here for an example).

However, since you probably have more time than you'll ever have, why not take the time to learn a new skill, such as boxing, Kickboxing/Muay Thai or Krav Maga? Well, here's a few options: First, if you have the finances and the space, a heavy bag can be a lot of fun. If you live in California, you have until EOD (End Of Day) to go out and buy one, before we will be on shutdown because of the Novel Coronavirus (COVD19). After that, you can still order some from Amazon (click here to see some options). If you don't have the space, you can still workout by getting some thai pads or focus mitts (or both)! It does require a partner and there's a learning curve to how to hold pads but there's plenty of videos on how to hold pads. If you want to invest (note: invest, not buy. You're investing in your future) in some Thai pads, here are some options. If you want to buy some focus mitts, click here for a link.

If you want to have live coaching and take guided classes, you can do so with Systems Training Center's online gym.

And if you're not doing anything, start doing something. Use this time to reset. Use it to start good habits, whether it be going out for a run, hike, yoga or meditation. Do something that you can thank yourself for, once this is over! #CoronaVirus #Covid19

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