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I wasn’t sure if I should post this or not but I’ve honestly had enough. I try not to speak much about religion and politics, because those tend to be such inflamed topics, especially right now, and I try to focus on positive things that we can agree on regardless of what God you believe in, what political party you belong to or whatever other topic of division we are currently experiencing. Along those topics are the many conspiracy theories we are currently hearing about and experiencing. I used to find many of them both amusing and entertaining but over the last few months, I’m noticing more and more of these ideas and beliefs. They seem to become more and more out of touch with reality and more aggressive and toxic. I’m all for asking questions and not taking things at face value, especially in the U.S., where there is a strong distrust of the government, due to the high level of legalized corruption through lobbying. I didn’t think much of it, mostly because I didn’t think people really believed them, until I heard about the gentleman who drove up to a pizza parlor in Washington D.C. with his AR-15 and a pistol and fired shots (no one was injured, for more on this, click here.)

Yesterday, I got a call from the Swedish Consulate, where an anonymous person with a blocked number had left a voicemail, stating that me and my wife, alongside Elon Musk, Gina Haspel (Director of the C.I.A.) and Mark Esper (U.S. Secretary of Defense) among others, were part of a terrorist cell with access to weapons of mass destruction. It’s an impressive list of names that I am apparently rubbing elbows with but unfortunately I have never met or spoken to either of these people. I want whoever to call to know that this has been reported to the police who also have received a copy of the voicemail that was left with the Consulate.

This might sound like the set up of one of my April Fools jokes and part of this is almost funny and entertaining. However, part of it is not and here is why: there’s actually someone out there who thinks that I’m a threat and who has spent enough time to “investigate” me and deems it necessary to call the Swedish Consulate to notify them of this terrorist cell. Those are serious allegations in a country where terorrism is constantly a real threat. I have a wife and two small children. I should not have to be concerned for their safety because of someone’s vivid imagination.

Like I said, there’s a lot of conspiracy theories that are circulating and I just ask of you to please read and fact check your sources. In today’s day and age, anyone can make something look professional, authentic and fact-based. Make sure you trace facts in the articles, the videos and the websites you visit. Please trust in science; please trust in internationally acclaimed scientists and researchers. Please read fact-checked sources of information and please, please, please remember that words are powerful. Let’s try to continue to educate, debate and grow and not always believe everything we hear, see or read at face value.

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