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Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, Marcus Kowal is a professional kickboxer, boxer, and mixed martial arts athlete.  He now owns Systems Training Center, currently with three Los Angeles area locations, and trains a variety of clientele including fighters, families, and celebrities as well as works with at-risk students and victims of domestic violence.  He also speaks regularly as a self-defense expert and commentates for combat events.  

Kowal began his martial arts journey through Karate and Aikido while still a young teenager and became well-versed in multiple disciplines, winning the K2 World Title in kickboxing in 2002 and placing second in both the 2004 Golden Gloves and 2005 Title Boxing World Championships.  After studying under Rickson Gracie, Rafael Cordeiro, and UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum, he made his professional MMA debut in 2009 and was competing for major promotions, including Strikeforce, shortly thereafter.  

Now, most of Kowal’s time is spent on the other side of the mat, as an instructor and coach.  He opened Systems Training Center, first in Hawthorne and now also in Encino and Westwood, with a mission to offer an environment comfortable for everyone, from families to the professional fight team who trains there. He is also the founder of YourKravMaga, a website designed to give you the professional training of a Krav Maga school at the comfort and convenience of your own home 

“I’m passionate teaching anyone who is passionate in learning,” Marcus says.

NOTE:  Marcus Kowal and Mishel Eder's 15-month old son, Liam, was struck September 3 in a Hawthorne, California crosswalk by an alleged drunk driver.  His parents chose to donate his organs so that others might live.

Marcus and Mishel are grateful for the outpouring of love and support from all over the world and would like to encourage people to stand with them to #RememberLiam by working towards changes in impaired driving laws.

"Our hope is that, together, we can make changes, and that is the best way to honour Liam possible," says Marcus.

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From Marcus

Happy 17 months Lilla Bebisen 

Yesterday, you would have turned 17 months. I wonder, how much you would have developed by now. Would you new words would you have learnt? Would you have been able to attempt to run? What other things would you have been able to do?

Over the past 8 days, my boys from England were here. We went down to Mexico for a few days and it was a much needed break and I am grateful to have had them here. They flew in from Holland, Dubai, the UK and Australia. Bobby Razak finished his work on our story. 


Friday, I spoke…Read more

Life is 10% what happens to you... 

...and 90% how you react to it, Charles Swindoll said and it is very true.

Another couple of weeks have passed and around the clock work with the non profit, www.LiamsLife.org. We recorded an episode with The Doctors a few weeks ago, that aired on Thursday. You can watch the episode by clicking here. It was tough to record it, because some of it was very personal. However, it was also a way for us to get the message out and I want to thank both the lovely staff of The Doctors, as well as the The Krazy CouponRead more

A Journey of A Thousand Miles Start with A Single Step 

Another week has passed. It feels like 3 years. A lot has happened in those 7 days. We taped an episode with "The Doctors", that should be airing in a few weeks. We discussed the importance with organ donors and how desperately the U.S. and the world needs them. We talked about drunk driving and what changes need to be made. We would like to thank The Krazy Coupon Lady for their generous donation of $5,000 to www.LiamsLife.org!

We met with Gloria Allred and her team, who is going to represent us. I'm excited…Read more

Today, Liam came home 

Today, Liam came home. I picked up his ashes in a small box, that looks like a child's toy. We have made a special corner for him, where his urn will sit, together with Froggy. Yesterday, we moved back home. It was our first night back and the silence was hard to deal with. No one woke me up in the middle of the night, screaming for milk. My breakfast buddy wasn't there this morning and no one was smiling at me when I went in to look at the crib.

It is tough but we will get through it. It hurts but we won't…Read more

Remember Liam 

My heart is shattered and has been replaced by a pain I could never had imagined. I didn't know emotions could cause physical pain. Ten days have passed since my son passed away. Yesterday was his funeral. It was as beautiful as a funeral can be. I was not looking forward to it. It almost scared me. Now, all we have left are our memories. Our memories and a hashtag, #RememberLiam. It hurts and comforts at the same time. It hurts, because I don't want it to exist. I wish I could take back time and erase the…

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Liam's Life will be an non-profit organization dedicated to education and prevention of alcohol-related tragedies started in memory of Liam Mikael Kowal.

Click HERE to receive updates as the foundation grows.

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