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The symbolism of the run

I'm 3 days into this and I already owe $100. At least is going to a good cause.

Part of the reason why I said "yes" to my brother when he suggested doing this run 3 months ago was the symbolism of it all. I've said numerous times that this race to lower the BAC from .08 to .05 is going to be a marathon, not a spring. Hence, going on the longest run of my life for the cause that we are fighting for seemed appropriate.

In addition, we have been told on numerous occasions that we are up against giants. That the companies who are opposing our attempts to save lives are just too powerful.

You can't move mountains but you can conquer them. 

Today, I did my second longest distance so far, 15 miles (I know, not even a 3rd of the distance and the furthest I've gone so far is only 20 miles!) 

It was a decent run at a 9.10 min pace per mile. Tomorrow, I'm scheduled to do the same distance again, to get used to "running on tired legs", let's see how that goes...

As per always, any support is appreciated and please feel free to share or donate to our run by clicking here.

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