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"Running half a marathon (13.1 miles/21k) is harder than running 50 miles", Gary Turner told me just a few days ago. Gary is a former kickboxing world champion and pro MMA fighter, turned ultra runner and mind coach.

 At first I laughed. Yeah, running just over a quarter of the distance is going to be harder than running the next 3/4s. But then I started thinking about what he said and then it clicked. Gary is right.   Of course running 50 miles is going to take longer and thus, be more taxing on your body and mind but once you've learnt how to train and succeed, everything else is easier. Once you have proven to yourself that you can run 13 miles, well, all you have to do is continue training and then it's up to you to decide what distance you want to run. 


Just ask Helen Klein, who at 55 started training with her husband for a 10-mile run. She had been smoking for 25 years and couldn't even run 2 laps.

She trained.

She did the 10-mile race.

She has since done over 60 marathons and 140 ultra marathons, including 5 100-mile trail events in 16 weeks!

Now it's your turn!

On another note, just booked the hotel for Grand Canyon. Shit just got real!

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